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INDONESIA NEWS 2010 – Galactic Federation scoutship over Indonesia (3rd June 2010)

Galactic Federation of Light scoutship sitting in stationary position in broad daylight was caught on film and phone camera and witnessed by many school children and locals over Kendari, Indonesia on 3rd June, 2010. Disclosure is Imminent! — Galactic Federation of Light 8th June, 2010 Update. The dark intends to destabilize Mother Earth and use this calamity to stay in power. Our Agarthan brethren have watched this insanity closely and have prevented this treachery from getting anywhere near success. The extent of the panic among the ruling groups of this cabal caused a whole series of equally harebrained schemes to be okayed. Their most ambitious operation is a project to attack Galactic Federation bases that are undersea or much closer to the surface than the Agarthan realm. Using technology supplied to them by their former Anchara Alliance partners, this cabal forged ahead with schemes to penetrate our bases and attack our scout ships. These operations failed, and only led to situations that demonstrated the huge gulf between our technology and theirs. These fiascos escalated their panic level and showed them in no uncertain terms that their fall is imminent. These ever-accumulating setbacks have infused these dark ones with desperation. As this grows, we watch them crisscrossing the planet in pursuit of succor, but their pleas are discounted at every turn and their former allies leave them in the dust to fend for themselves. This cold-shouldering from former <b>…</b>


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